Saturday, 1 August 2009

Where oh where did the week go? Huh? Huh? Huh? Well?

Jeeze an peas!
Where the heck did this week disappear to? It's just flown by!
Last time I screamed at you it was Monday I think. I had a radio interview on Bang Radio 103.6 FM. Thank you to all of you that listened in. D'Nyce did a fabulous interview and was very forgiving for my late arrival! Thanks to my twitterers who kept me updated as I drove to the radio studio, who were listening in! You guys are special xxx
So I did the show and in a puff of smoke I was gone! That night my friend asked me out to shake my foot! I didn't need to be asked twice! So I rushed home and put on a LBD (lil black dress to you men)and some killer heels :)

I had a really good time, but didn't realise how tired I was. It wasn't till I got in my car that the tiredness crept all over me. I thought I would just relax a bit before I drove home and woke up half an hour later by a man tapping on my window trying to talk to me...I mean who does that?

Anyway, I got home safely and spent Tuesday re-cooperating. Then spent some more time with Black Einstein in the studio putting some more vocals on the track we're working on. I'm so loving the crazy harmonies. I love stacking them up and making it sound nice and fat! :) I was a happy chicken :)

Wednesday was pamper me day. Got my hair did. It's amazing what a lil bit of pampering can do for your spirit. It's soo necessary from time to time.
After spoiling myself, I didn't fancy cooking so I went down to my friend's Nigerian restaurant called D'Eclipse and munched some lovely food which made me wanna sleep...u know them ones! lol
They were having a little celebration at the restaurant (they're always making an excuse to have a party!) but I couldn't stay as I promised my friend Paul Soso that I would do a test shoot with him.
He's got some new equipment so he wanted to use me as his guinea pig at his home studio. A few of you have asked about his services, so I'm pleased to let you know he will be moving into a professional studio very soon. I'll give you more details in due course.

Although it was a quick shoot, I was starvin after so I met my friend at Nandos and had half, yes HALF a chicken plus sidelines. I really don't know how I do it! lol

But it hit the spot :)

Yesterday I had another session with the Einstein and in between us dancing and eating chocolate fudge cake, I think we've got all the vocals done! Now it needs a good mix down, then it will be finito.
Hopefully we will work together a lot more in the future cos we have fun and are very productive. A great formula :)

Sooo. I know it's the weekend and normlly the time for wild parties etc but I have a lot of stuff to do so no partying for me :(

I'll be performing at two events next week:
The first one is Style and Substance, a Sistova Production. An all female showcase.
I'll be doin a short acoustic set.

I'll also be performing with a full band at Soul-D-Out on Friday

The Cobden Club
170 kensal road, W10 5BN
London, United Kingdom

Doors 8.30pm - 1.30am, 1st artist on stage 9.30pm

Advanced £6 tickets -


So bye for now.
Will keep you updated on my twitter as usual
Have a great, fantabulosus weekend

Till we meet again

Nads xx

£10 on the door all night!

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