Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Me Love You Long Time! LOL xx

Oh my days, I can't even remember everything I have been up to as it's been nearly a month since my last confession!
Okay, the last time I wrote on here I had just come back from Miami. It seems like that was months ago now, but I know it wasn't cos I just got my mobile phone bill. NOT nice....it hurt me so much to part with all that money for a phone bill, but even moreso because they are playing silly buggers and have suspended my line! What muppets! Hopefully the issue will be resolved by the end of the day because I am a crackberry addict and need a fix VERY soon!
My first week back in London was awful. I couldn't sleep properly and felt tired constantly so as you can imagine, I wasn't very happy or productive. I felt like a zombie.
I spent the second week running around getting my son's things together as he has now gone to the States for a month to see his cousins and go to a football camp as he's football crazy.
He deserved a treat anyway because he's done well at school and got a great report...and I could do with a break.
This is the first time in his life when I have been away from him for so long. It feels weird to have so much freedom, nice weird, but I have moments when I miss his cheeky face and lil high pitched voice.
But, as you parents/carers out there will know, it's hard being a parent 24/7 and sometimes it's nice to be 'Nadine' and not 'Jamare's Mum'.
So, like a teenager without a curfew, I went crazy and went out for the first few nights. Me and my girls went to Market Place in Soho :

Then the next day we went to Vendome in Mayfair. As you can see we had a fantastical time! Props to Le Starr for hooking us up xx

Aww my girlie poos! We have soo much fun ALWAYS... One day I'm gonna invite you guys along and u'd BETTER come ! lol
Anyhoo, after Vendome, I rested my lil hot feet for a bit and didn't go out that much. Basically stayed in and sorted out paperwork that was way overdue! It's so boring but necessary to keep on top of things. Trust me, I learned the hard way!
This weekend was just as fun packed as last. My friend Jason Grant who is a superb photographer invited me down to one of his shoots for a project he's working on. Check out http://www.blackartnudes.co.uk/ . Yep you guessed it....the models were totally starkers! They were all stunning though and in some of the shots they looked like sculptures.
He tried to convince me to pose along with them, but I was too chicken, so I compromised and did 'implied nude' which is probably a bit of a cop out but you don't need to see all my bits!
We had a laugh though and I got some good shots. Maybe one day I will share some of them with you...until then, have a look @ the link above to see some gorgeous shots of some beautiful black women.
After the shoot I was famished as usual and went to meet my friend in Finchley to eat and hang out. One of our favourite past times. Then later on I went to some event in Wembley to see my boys Money Train perform. Unfortunately, errm I was running on Eastern Caribbean timing and actually missed their performance, but I caught Hayley C's, who was amazing as usual. I actually saw her perform on Wednesday too @ Phraseology @ Mau Mau's Portobello road. See I told you I was gonna leave stuff out....but anyway. I had a busy saturday and fell into a deep slumber when I finally hit the sack.
On Sunday I got up too early, 6am...What the? Anyway, I thought let me just get up and go to church and avoid the screaming babies at the 10am service.
So I joined the pensioners @ the 8am service. I guess they were the only people up that early. I mean who gets up that early on a Sunday?
So I left church with a spring in my step, until I got drenched by the rain....
Seeing as I had a free afternoon, when my friend invited me to the cinema I said yes as I really wanted to see that 'The Hangover' film. So it was all smiles till we got to the cinema and then he announced he wanted to see TRANSFORMERS...Noooooooooooo
But luckily, God rewarded me for being a good girl, because Transformers last viewing had already started! Ha ha ha !
So I got my way and saw 'The Hangover' meanwhile he slept!
I laughed out loud many times cos it was sooo funny, stupid funny, but funny nevertheless.
Next stop...Soulcial on Brick lane. I had to rush down there with Nadiva 2 to go see my sister Obenewa perform. She was very sick but she is a proper star and performed despite her sniffling and smacked it! She had the crowd singing along and allsorts. If you guys don't know about my lil sis Obenewa you'd better get to know http://www.obenewa.blogspot.com/ !
We were also blessed with a performance from a good friend of mine G.R.E.E.D.S a talented young poet. I am so impressed with his work and growth. He has such a style of poetry that gives the listener no choice but to listen. Anyway, not gonna blow his trumpet anymore cos he's probably reading this and his lil big head is growing by the second! But I would like to see you all at the launch fo his EP on 23rd of August where I'll also be doing a guest performance. Details coming soon!
Okay, so now we're up to yesterday. What can I say? I had one of the best days ever. I finally got to work with Mr. Colin Emmanuel otherwise known as the Black Einstein. And he's just that. Genius. www.twitter.com/BlackEinstein
We've been chatting for a while saying blah de blah de blah, we must work on something soon, blah blah blah. But finally actually got to it. And it was magical!
I'm soo happy with the track so far and it's only a guide at the moment. It's definitely making my EP! See I told you guys, I would be working on my EP and I am. Got some nice tracks so far and I feel some more bubbling within me! lol
Anyhoo, gotta dash as today I am going to be working with long time Bredren, Meshach Broderick www.twitter.com/shach7 of one of UK's BEST Gospel groups BLESSED VOICES. We're gonna also work on some stuff for you guys so your patience is appreciated and progress is definitely being made.
It's a movement !
WALK RIGHT my lovelies
Nads xxxx
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