Saturday, 25 July 2009

Just checkin in on ya...

Hey there,

Thought I'd do a lil quick post cos I'm feeling guilty for abandoning you for so long.

I've been busy this week recording and writing, so late nights for me, but I'm not complaining cos I'm doing my music. Well worth staying up for!

But I put it all on hold on Wednesday night to spend time with my friends. My girl Kadija was perfoming at a venue called "Punk" in Soho in a competition called "Soho's got Talent" so me and my friend Neil decided we'd go down to support her.
LOL...he's such a nutter

So we made our way down to the club via Busaba. For those of you that don't know about Busaba, google it. It's kinda like Wagamama, but better in my opinion. We ate so much, and everything we had was good, but I especially liked the duck in tamarind sauce and squid in ginger and peppercorns.

So we sluggishly walked down to Soho St with our stomach's lined for all the drinks we were about to consume.

We both weren't driving and childfree so we let our hair down...erm well he's bald, but you catch my drift.

Well....apparently Soho was lacking talent. Most of the acts were er....well not very talented!

However, my friend Kadija Kamara smashed it as always, with her brill band even though they only placed second...but you know the best person doesn't always win!

Despite the unentertaining entertainment, we had such a laugh, and luckily my friend and fellow artist Incisive came to the rescue and took me home :) ! Apologies to Incisive and Shax who had to endure my banter all the way home!

Oh ...before I go I just wanna let you all know about my friend Mr Midas' new video. Unfortunately I couldn't make the video shoot, but it's HEAVY and the tune's a banger too!
Check it out

I hope you are all having a great weekend.
Speak soon
Nay Nay xx

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Incisive said...

Was a pleasure hun - and it wasnt banter....more...lively conversation!! ;-)